Workplace Mediation & Investigations

Investigations & Workplace Culture Assessments

Did you know that every employer, no matter the size, has a legal responsibility to take reasonable steps to protect their employees and workers from bullying and harassment in the workplace?

All employers must have an anti-bullying and harassment policy in place, as well as procedures to deal with bullying and harassment complaints. 

Proactive Measures, prompt complaint resolution, and thorough investigations are necessary to prevent and address harassments incidents effectively.

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In any workplace, conflicts are bound to arise. Whether they stem from differences in opinion, communication breakdowns, or misunderstandings, unresolved conflicts can heavily impact productivity, morale and overall work satisfaction. 

Workplace Mediation offers a constructive and collaborative approach to resolving conflicts, restoring relationships and promoting organizational wellness.


 – Unbiased, confidential and thorough workplace investigations

Mediation & Restoration

– Anti-bullying, harassment and violence prevention policies

– Prevention and training

– Workplace Culture Assessments

– DEI policies 

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A healthy, productive workplace

A healthy, productive workplace helps people thrive, ignites strong teams, and delivers the best results for your business. And it does not end with respect. To build a strong workplace culture based on trust and belonging, leaders must consciously embrace, model, and expect safe workplaces as well. Safe workplaces are psychologically safe, value open communication, are trauma-informed, diverse and inclusive and make employees happiness and wellness their goal.

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The design and implementation of required policies including anti-bullying and prevention of harassment and workplace violence, as well as quick and efficient training for your employees and workers.

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