5 Reasons Why Mental Health Support training should be as common as regular First Aid training

5 Reasons Why Mental Health Support training should be as common as regular First Aid training

Coworker comforting stressed and discouraged woman in office.

Putting support in place can help employees navigate stress at work and outside of work. Creating a safe and aware environment and decreasing stigma can reduce the impact on employers and employees.

1. Poor mental health and stress can negatively impact performance and productivity and cause a variety of issues and conflicts in the workplace.

2. According to data released by the Public Health Agency of Canada, 1 in 3 Canadians will be affected by Mental Illness in their lifetime – most of them by the time they reach 40.

3. Mental Illness is also the leading cause of disability in Canada and each individual case is more costly to the employer than a physical injury.

4. Employees facing mental health crisis can be a serious risk for safety in safety sensitive work environments.

5. Supporting employees’ mental health will be a key issue for companies in upcoming years.

Goals and Objectives of Mental Health First Aid training

-Participants Will Understand Mental Health And Trauma
-Recognize Signs And Symptoms Of Mental Health Crisis
-Basic Mental Health First Aid Support And Crisis Action Plans
-Developing And Implementing Safety Procedures And Crisis Intervention Strategies
-Overcoming Stigma
-Self-Care And Improved Mental Health For Participants

Benefits for Employers and Managers
-Learn About The Impact Of Mental Illness In The Workplace
-Understand Employer Responsibility And Rights
-Recommendations On Leave And Return To Work Strategies
-Create Workplaces That Promote Good Mental Health And Psychological Safety
-Reduce Absenteeism And Improve Retention

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